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How to securely maintain all of your passwords

If you believe you are technologically challenged and need help with managing all of your passwords — This is for you.

One of the most aggravating things about apps and the web is having to maintain all of your passwords. These days, a password is needed for many things such as checking emails, signing into the home WiFi, checking a bank account, signing into your computer, unlocking your phone, unlocking your locker or safe, and logging into a Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram — That is just to name a few. It’s unrealistic to memorize all of your passwords. It’s unsafe to reuse the same password for all of your login accounts. So should we do?

What if I told you, you could lock all of your logins, passwords, and bank account information away in a secure vault that can only be accessed by one single password? That’s exactly the purpose of iCloud Keychain, LastPass, and 1Password. All three are password managers that allow you to keep a collection of all of your passwords in one place. Similar to that notepad you have at your desk with all of your written passwords — which is incredibly unsafe to do. With password managers, all you have to remember is one password, the password to the password manager, your vault. Still not understanding? Here are the steps:
  1. Choose your password manager (Note: iCloud Keychain is only for iPhone, iPad, and Mac)
  2. Download LastPass or 1Password in the Google Play or App Store
  3. Create your password manager account on the designated websites/apps with a unique password (i.e. No@cce$$4U)
  4. Start populating your password manager with your accounts and passwords across the web.

Once you have done this and organized all of your passwords inside of your password manager, the only password you will need to remembered is the password to your password manager that holds all of your passwords. That’s it! It’s a neat trick to share with your friends and family and now I am sharing it with you.

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