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Games on Android have gotten good... Really Good

I don't play games that often on smartphones. I think the last game I found myself obsessed with was Sky Force Reloaded, which is still a great game. You should go check it out. However, lately  I've been itching for something with a little more graphics intensiveness. Something that makes me forget I'm on a smartphone playing this. Oh, and please don't offer for me to go outside and play Pokemon Go. That game seems to be built mainly for those living in the inner city anyway, which is pretty lame. 

I randomly got a notification a few weeks ago about the new DC Universe Injustice 2 game being released in the Google Play Store. I guess I signed up to be notified about it in the past, it's free and I thought, whatever, I'll give it a try. Plus the trailer looked amazing! 

 I dove in and started playing. Went through the intensive downloading process, and ran through the fighting tutorial. I thought the fighting controls were what you expected from a fighting game on a smartphone. They aren't anything like on a console, say an Xbox or PlayStation, but they were pretty responsive. Still very static and not as dynamic in creating fighting combos, but it got the job done. Then I got to the story mode. Immediately I thought, "Wow, this might just be one of the best graphically intensive games I've ever played on a smartphone."

"Wow, this might just be one of the best graphic intensive games I've ever played on a smartphone."

I was playing this on my Google Pixel and it just amazes me that smartphone gaming has gotten this good. There's even more features coming into play in the future such as playing online and the store mode is adding more cut scenes in the future. I'm sure there are plenty of other games out there that show off smartphone graphics, but if this is where we are in mobile gaming, I can't wait to see what it would be like in the next 5 years. 

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